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The Dallas a1
1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  707 SF
1 Available Units - $1595 - $1765
The Dallas a2
1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  711 SF
0 Available Units - $1480 - $1570
The Dallas a3
1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  1016 SF
0 Available Units - $2185 - $2295
The Dallas a4
1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  907 SF
1 Available Units - $1675 - $1895
The Dallas a5
1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  784 SF
0 Available Units - $1615 - $1715
The Dallas a6
1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  873 SF
0 Available Units - $1720 - $1790
The Dallas a7
1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  939 SF
0 Available Units - $1970
The Dallas g1
1 Bed  |  1.5 Bath  |  754 SF
0 Available Units - $2035
The Dallas g2
1 Bed  |  1.5 Bath  |  785 SF
0 Available Units - $1975 - $2075
The Dallas g3
1 Bed  |  1.5 Bath  |  938 SF
0 Available Units - $2335
The Dallas g4
1 Bed  |  1.5 Bath  |  910 SF
2 Available Units - $2205
The Dallas b2
2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1040 SF
1 Available Units - $2230 - $2350
The Dallas b3
2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1029 SF
1 Available Units - $2265 - $2335
The Dallas b5
2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1127 SF
0 Available Units - $2340 - $2520
The Dallas b6
2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1160 SF
1 Available Units - $2605 - $2615
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Unit 201
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Unit 610
Floor 6 - $1895 Reserve Now
Unit 409
Floor 4 - $2310 Reserve Now
Unit 513
Floor 5 - $2305 Reserve Now
Unit 414
Floor 4 - $2615 Reserve Now
Unit 101
Floor 1 - $2205 Reserve Now
Unit 102
Floor 1 - $2205 Reserve Now

The Dallas on Elliston is named in tribute to Women's Suffrage Supporter and Nashville native Ann Dallas Dudley / Learn The Legendary Story

The Dallas

“I have never yet met a man or woman who denied that taxation without representation is tyranny. I have never yet seen one who was such a traitor to our form of government that he did not believe that the government rests upon the consent of the governed. This is a government of, for, and by the people, and only the law denies that women are people.”


– Anne Dallas Dudley

The Dallas The Dallas The Dallas
Live Like A Legend

The Dallas on Elliston is a tribute to both Anne Dallas Dudley and to the historical location where her former mansion stood that was built in 1904, where she lived with her husband Guilford Dudley, Sr. and her two children. Anne Dallas was born in Nashville in 1876 into a distinguished upper class Nashville textile family. She was known for her intelligence, class and beauty and was the most popular socialite in Nashville. The Dallas family was very political and Anne’s great Uncle George M. Dallas served as Vice-President of the United States under Tennessean James K. Polk, President from 1845-1849. Vice-President George Dallas led the efforts in the U.S. Senate to grant statehood to Texas. Dallas County and Dallas, Texas were named in his honor.

Anne Dallas Dudley was very involved in volunteer work and various clubs and she was considered the most prominent of the socials in the state. Frustrated with the lack of power of women in Tennessee and politicians who did not value family issues, she founded The Nashville Equal Suffrage League. Serving as its president, this group organized women to lobby for the right of women to vote. On May 2, 1914, Anne lead the first Parade for Women’s Voting Rights in the South through the streets of Nashville to Centennial Park. That day she gave a speech and a call to action in front of The Parthenon which was the first time a woman gave a major speech outdoors in Nashville history.

In November of 1914, Anne was also instrumental in landing the group Susan B. Anthony founded, The National American Women’s Suffrage Association, to hold their convention in Nashville. Anne Dallas Dudley later became President of the Tennessee Equal Suffrage Association and organized over 80 local suffrage chapters in the state. In 1917, she was elected to the national board Third Vice President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, where she helped lead efforts to get the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution ratified.

In 1920, Anne was selected to be the first female delegate at large to the Democratic National Convention where she made a seconding speech of an appointee. That fall she led the suffrage efforts when the Governor called a special session of the State legislature to vote on the 19th Amendment. This Constitutional Amendment needed one more state to pass and Anne worked tirelessly and lobbied the legislators. The bill passed the Tennessee Senate and then went to the House where it passed by a single vote. Tennessee’s action gave 20 million women the right to vote.

Anne lived on this site during the entire campaign for Women’s Suffrage and this corner was an important part of planning and hosting the Tennessee Suffrage Movement. We cordially invite you to surround yourself in history!